GSS TCAD for ngspice

GSS stands for General-purpose Semiconducor Simulator and is a TCAD software which enables two-dimensional numerical simulation of semiconductor devices with the drift-diffusion and hydrodynamic method.

Basic features:

  • GSS has Basic DDM (drift-diffusion method) solver, Lattice Temperature Corrected DDM solver and EBM (energy balance method) solver.
  • The GSS program is directed via input statements by a user specified disk file.
  • Support triangle mesh generation and adaptive mesh refinement.
  • Employed PMI (physical model interface) to support various materials, including compound semiconductor materials such as SiGe and AlGaAs.
  • Support DC sweep, transient and AC sweep calculations. The device can be stimulated by voltage or current source(s).
  • Support IV curve automatically trace. (Experimental)
  • Support some advanced features such as high field mobility, impact ionization, band-band tunneling and so on.
  • Support network level interface to ngspice for device/circuit mixed simulation.
  • 2D and 3D plot capacity for post-process.

GSS distribution

GSS-TCAD is distributed separately from ngspice. You can download the GSS TCAD simulator from it's web site. GSS compiles indipendently from ngspice, the two programs are linked via network interface.

GSS Licensing

GSS is a free open source software covered by the BSD license.

About the author:

The GSS TCAD is actively developed by Gong Ding.

Relevant Links

  • GSS: The home page of the GSS TCAD.