Ngspice Documentation

A Ngspice manual is available as a pdf file. Here you may download the release version of the

The manual is under continuous development and maintained at Ngspice user's manual web site. Here you may download the actual version as a pdf file, including all modifications made available in the git sources since the latest ngspice release, as the

Please remember that this manual is a "work in progress": New ngspice features will be added as they become available in git, there are still some minor bugs, and thus the manual may be updated from time to time without notice. You are welcome to contribute to this documentation!

You also may use information on spice3f and similar simulators available on the Internet. One of the best online manuals for spice3f4 is maintained by Charles Williams:

Manuals for previous ngspice releases are still available:

Ngspice incorporates many models or options provided by external partners. They have often provided detailed information or manuals, which you may find here.

Please send your comments, suggestions, and corrections on the ngspice manual to the ngspice developers' list.