Ngspice download (stable release)

All ngspice releases, starting from rework-10, can be downloaded from File Release System. Ngspice is released as a gzipped tar archive containing all source files of the simulator. They compile under various operating systems, e.g. LINUX, MS Windows, MAC, BSD, Solaris, and maybe others. Binary packages are distributed for MS Windows and MAC OS X.

  • ng-spice-rework: this is the latest stable release. It does not contain last minute code and experimental features. This is the release intended for end-users. All sources are assembled into a tarball for download. The binary packages for MS Windows and MAC OS X are to be found here as well.

If you want to compile ngspice yourself, download and extract the sources from the tarball. Please see file INSTALL for instructions on compilation and installation of ngspice.

Ngspice download (git, code under development)

  • ngspice git code: This is the code actually under development. It contains the most recent features and sometimes needs some testing. Use this link to access the source code files via your browser or to obtain more info about git.

The following command will download the complete sources from git repository via anonymous access. You will find the ngspice top level directory as [actual directory]/ngspice, containing a complete local git repository.

git clone git://

Please see file INSTALL for instructions on compilation and installation of ngspice.

To fetch and incorporate new commits from sourceforge into your local git repository, please cd to directory ngspice and run

git pull

git pull will deny to overwrite modified files in your working directory. To drop your local changes first, you can run

git reset --hard

To learn more about git, which can be both powerful and difficult to master, please consult, especially: which has pointers to documentation and tutorials.

Ngspice experimental

Here you will find some ngspice binaries (for MS Windows) which are provided for those interested in experimental code. Right click on a link and store the 7z file to your harddisk. ngspice 64 bit contains 64 bit ngspice binaries with GUI and console. The ngspice tclspice package includes all libraries and files necessary to run some tcl scripts with the ngspice tclspice dll. The package has been created with a modified BLT library, which serves for plotting. If you install the tcl/tk libraries version 8.6 from ActiveState, add the VS 2008 project file to the ngspice main directory, and set the appropriate links in the project file to the tcl/tk library and headers, you may compile ngspice tclspice for MS Windows yourself.

Ngspice download (old, obsolete stuff)

CVS repository is no longer used, still available, but may be switched down in the future.

Old releases (before rework-10), are available through this web site only (see the menu on the left), they are archived for historical purposes and are no longer maintained.