Packages available for ngspice

Packages are ready-to-install archives. Ngspice packages are made available by several partners.

Official ngspice packages

The ngspice team does not maintain or offer specific packages, except a binary for MS Windows. Instead you may download the sources, which compile on many OSs, from the ngspice file release page.

Packages in distributions

Some distributions may have packaged ngspice for you, if you do not want to get the source and compile them, check below if your distribution has a ngspice package ready for you.

Gentoo Linux
Gentoo Linux provides an updated ngspice portage (version 23) in their "sci-electronics" section.
Ngspice has been packaged for Debian Linux "sqeeze", version 20-1:i386.
Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu Linux provides an ngspice package (version 21-1build1) in their "natty" and "oneiric" distributions in the "electronics" section (in the "multiverse", due to ngspice license).
Arch Linux
Arch Linux provides an up-to-date ngspice package (version 23) in their actual distribution.
Fedora Electronics Lab
Fedora Electronics Lab applies ngspice (version 21) for analog simulation.
The Italian branch "Slacky" of the Slackware Community has added ngspice 23 to its packages.
FreeBSD provides a ngspice port in their "cad" section. This is an old release however, ngspice version 18.

The list above is surely incomplete. If you know of other ngspice packages, please give details to