Ngspice bug reports

There are two ways to report a bug you have discovered in ngspice:

  • Bug tracker: This is the preferred method of reporting a bug. Using this tracker your report will be seen by everyone and the chances of finding a fix increase.
  • ngspice-devel list: If you are a member of this list, you can write directly to the developers' list. Do not subscribe to the list only for sending bug reports. Input to this list is useful, if some discussion on the validity of a bug is required. Finally a bug report to the tracker (see above) is needed to keep track of actions required.

Before sending a bug report please note: all information you send to the bug tracking system or on the mailing lists is public. If you need to send sensitive information, send them to a developer directly but still write non sensitive data on the bug tracking system to keep track of bug history.

To facilitate searching for the source of a bug, please provide the following information in your bug report:

  • Ngspice version
  • Operating system
  • Small input file showing the bug (required especially for runtime errors)
  • Some info on your expected output versus the actual output

Preferably you should run your test case with the actual code obtained from Git. However a report on a bug occurring in the actual ngspice release version is welcome!