Mailing list archives

The messages on ngspice mailing lists are archived on site since 3-Nov-2001. Before that date the lists were archived on another host. The old archives are not available online anymore. A snapshot of the old lists has been done on 17-Nov-2001 and tarballed into three different files you can download from this page.

New lists archives: The new archives reside on, to access them, click on the following links.

List Archive List Address Notes
New lists archives

Old lists archives: The old lists were named differently from the new one, due to name restrictions imposed by Sourceforgenet. The old names contained one "-" more (ng-spice in the old names becomes ngspice in the new ones).

List name Archive tarball Notes
ng-spice ng-spice-users.tar.gz
ng-spice-devel ng-spice-devel.tar.gz
ng-spice-frontends ng-spice-frontends.tar.gz
Old lists archives