Writing documentation for ngspice

Ngspice is really a complex software, and it is almost impossible to use it without a manual. A manual for ngspice is under development. In addition (we are fortunate) many good texts and manuals have been written on spice and can be used with ngspice. Then you may ask:

Why do we need to write documentation ?

Because ngspice has many improvements over the original spice3 and there is little or no documentation at all for them.

In writing documentation for ngspice we should take into account that, while online docs are good for reference while using the program, printed documents are more readable (many people do not like to read docs on computer monitor) and both types of documentation are equally important. It is important, for maintenance, that both printed and on-line documentation can be produced from the same source.

The actual documantation (ngspice manual) is done with the document processor LyX. LyX combines the power and flexibility of TeX/LaTeX with the ease of use of a graphical interface. The Ngspice user's manual. is available as LyX code from the ngspice git source pages, where it is continuously updated. A pdf version is available from the download page.

Still we have to issue a warning: Even if the manual reflects the actual status, there are text passages which have not yet been tested or updated. So we might be happy to get your support in proof reading and notifying as about bugs, missing items or outdated parts. We gladly will also accept hints to improve the language (Not one of the recent contributors to the manual is a native English speaker.).