Applications related to ngspice

Ngspice is a circuit simulator, a sort of engine that can be used in conjunction with many other applications.


  • Kjwaves: A graphical front end for spice3 simulators written in Java.
  • MSEspice: A a handy graphical front-end for Ngspice.
  • Oregano: A graphical front end for spice simulators using GNOME.
  • KiCad: A complete design environment with shared ngspice
  • XCircuit: CYGWIN and especially LINUX users may find XCircuit valuable to establish a development flow including schematic capture and circuit simulation.


  • Sparse: An open source sparse linear equation solver (the one that ngspice uses).


  • ADMS: adms is a code generator that converts electrical compact device models specified in high-level description language into ready-to-compile c code for the API of spice simulators.
  • ASCO: C-coded circuit optimizer. May be applied with commercial or free circuit simulators. The ngspice version is available here.
  • Bitgen: BitGen is a program for converting digital bitstreams to analog voltage sources suitable for circuit simulation in programs such as SPICE and Spectre.
  • DeCiDa: decida is used for electron device characterization, procedural circuit simulation and analysis of electronic circuits, or more general data analysis tasks.
  • gEDA: The gEDA project is working on producing a full GPL'd suite of Electronic Design Automation tools.
  • Magic: Magic is a venerable VLSI layout tool, written in the 1980's at Berkeley.
  • MMTL: MMTL, the Multilayer Multiconductor Transmission Line 2-D and 2.5-D electromagnetic modeling tool suite, generates transmission parameters and SPICE models from descriptions of electronics interconnect dimensions and materials properties.
  • SVATS: SVATS is a collection of Python scripts used for adding repetitive analysis capabilities to Electronic Circuit Simulators like Berkeley Spice 3F5; its main purpose is to perform FMEA-like analysis on analog and mixed analog-digital electronic circuits, to test circuit behaviour under components failure conditions.
  • ThSim: Simulator for thermal conduction in solid material. Uses SPICE for calculations and wxWindows for providing Windows and Linux GUI.