Ngspice Contributions

Authors of ngspice

Ngspice is an open project, anyone can join and contribute. Thus, defining a fixed set of authors is impossible. People developing ngspice changes in time. An (incomplete) list of those who have contributed up to Sept. 2008 is:

  • Vera Albrecht
  • Phil Barker
  • Steven J. Borley
  • Stuart Brorson
  • Glao S. Dezai
  • Matt Flax
  • Daniele Foci
  • Alan Gillespie
  • Chris Inbody
  • Stefan Jones
  • Laurent Lemaitre
  • Paolo Nenzi
  • Arno W. Peters
  • Serban-Mihai Popescu
  • Georg Post
  • Emmanuel Rouat
  • Lionel Sainte Cluque
  • Hitoshi Tanaka
  • Stephan Tiel
  • Holger Vogt
  • Dietmar Warning
  • Michael Widlok
  • Charles D.H. Williams

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if I missed your name!