Status of ngspice simulator

Ngspice is a general-purpose circuit simulator program. It implements three classes of analysis:

  • Nonlinear DC analyses
  • Nonlinear Transient analyses
  • Linear AC analyses

Ngspice implements the usual circuits elements, like resistors, capacitors, inductors (single or mutual), transmission lines and a growing number of semiconductor devices like diodes, bipolar transistors, mosfets (both bulk and SOI), mesfets, jfet and HFET.

Ngspice integrates Xspice, a mixed-mode simulator. Xspice provides a codemodel interface and an event-driven simulation algorithm. Users can develop their own models for devices using the codemodel interface.

Ngspice implements adms, an interface to integrate models written in verilog.

Cider (the device level simulator) is distributed with ngspice but it is not tested.

In more than ten years of development activity many bug have been fixed and several extensions to the spice3f have been developed or integrated:

  • Parametric netlists: netlists can contain parameters and expressions. Parametric macromodels, often released by manufacturers, can be imported as-is into ngspice.
  • Spice2 polynomial sources: ngspice can parse spice2 netlists containing polynomial sources.
  • Global nodes: some nodes can be defined as "global" and thus not expanded when they appear inside subcircuits.
  • Documentation: a new ngspice manual has been created describing the simulator and its features.

Ngspice compiles under GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows and MacOS X.