Recipes with ngspice

A recipe with spice

Recipe Rec"i*pe (re^s"i^*p-e), n.; pl. Recipes (re^s"i^*p=ez). L., imperative of recipere to take back, take in, receive. See Receive.

  1. A formulary or prescription for making some combination, mixture, or preparation of materials; a receipt. (1913 Webster)
  2. a prescription for medicine. archaic (1913 Webster)
  3. a set of directions for preparing food from its ingredients. (PJC)
  4. a method or procedure for accomplishing a goal by defined steps; -- implying a high probability of achieving the goal; as, a recipe for success. Also used in a negative sense, as, a recipe for disaster. (PJC)

Ngspice, like spice3 is a simulation engine with a primitive front-end and lacks most of the pre or post processing features which commerial packages offer.

To overcome the limitations of spice3, many users developed applications or procedures to integrate the simulator with other packages, extending its syntax to correctly import netlists written for commercial simulators, improving analysis capabilities and graph quality or simplifying the generation of input patterns.

Most of the applications and the procedures are scattered around the web and need some tewaking to be used in ngspice, since they were originally written for spice3 (sometimes the tweaking reduces to change the name of the executable from spice3 to ngspice).

Spice recipes is a collection of such applications and procedures with ngspice as target simulator.