Ngspice non regression suite

To improve quality of ngspice a simulator software a non regression suite is under development. This suite is heavily based on exiting spice, xspice and cider test netlists that have been made available on the Internet in the past. Other tests are specific to ngspice as they are intended to test new features.

An automatic non regression testing system is under development to automate the testing process.

Sources of tests

  • Quarles bench: This suite contains most of the benchmark circuits used in "Benchmark Circuits: Results for Spice3" by T. Quarles, Memo No ERL M89/47, 24 April 1989. Last updated Feb. 25th, 1993.
  • Qxdir bench: A collection of files that have been used at Berkeley to test spice3 distributions.
  • CircuitSim90: a sort of "industry standard" test suite for spice simulators.