Ngspice and ADMS for Verilog-AMS modeling

ADMS is a code generator that converts electrical models written in Verilog-AMS into C code conforming to the API of spice simulators. The generated code will then be compiled into the simulator executable and the new device is ready for simulation.

What is Verilog-AMS ?

Verilog-AMS (AMS stands for Analog and Mixed Signals) is a language designed to describe and simulate analog and mixed signal designs using both the top-level design methodology as well as the more traditional bottom up approach.

ADMS uses extensions to the Verilog-AMS language, developed for compact modeling of devices.

ADMS distribution in ngspice

ADMS is distributed separately from ngspice. You can download the ADMS compiler from the adms for ngspice link to a zipped source code directory. For details please have a look at ADMS and ngspice HOWTO.

The process of adding a new device is far from being automatic and need a certain knowledge of spice internals. The file README.adms distributed with ngspice describes the process.

ADMS Licensing

ADMS is licensed under the terms of LGPL.

About the author:

The ADMS system has been developed by Laurent Lemaitre.

ADMS Version

Ngspice implements ADMS version 2.3.0, modified

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